About Us

Kizomba Beats is an Adelaide based business dedicated to bringing you Kizomba exclusive events, workshops and classes!

Mauricio and Sophie currently run the only Kizomba exclusive school in Adelaide: Kizomba Beats. Their journey began in 2016 and their passion for the dance has taken them across the country, to Europe and back. They've returned refreshed and inspired after spending time completing intensive workshops with some of their favourite Kizomba and Urban Kizomba dancers. "We wanted to continue sharing our passion and knowledge. Gaining the certifications gave us the foundation to teach the basics to our students properly. Kizomba is a continual cycle of learn - teach- share". As teachers we are fun and easy going with attention to technique and details. Now Kizomba Beats is the leading kizomba school in South Australia, giving regular classes, special events, organising workshops with inter-state and International artists to grow the kizomba community in Adelaide. Their students and followers appreciate the passion driven nature of the school.

About Kizomba

An evolution of the Lusophone African dances such a Semba and Passada, Kizomba is a hypnotic partner dance that is characterised by slow and sensuous rhythms. Growing in popularity across the world, Kizomba has adopted elements of Hip Hop and R’n’B which has seen an explosion of sub-genres and styles such as Tarraxihna and Urban Kiz.

We love this sensual and captivating dance style at Kizomba Beats and can’t wait to share our passion with you. 


Kizomba Beats is aimed to grow the kizomba community in Adelaide orginising special events to encourage people to join this amazing dance.

Group Workshops

Join a group intensive workshop to get started with Kizomba.

Private Classes

Arrange a private lesson to get the most from your instructor. Classes may be arranged at the time and place of your convienence.

Certified Instructors 


Our instructors Sophie and Mauricio hold the "Kizomba Certification Level 1" from ALC Dance studios, where the instructors are the internatinally known Paula and Ricardo Sousa from Porto, Portugal.

Urban Kiz

Our instructors Sophie and Mauricio hold the "Urban Kiz Certification Level 1" from Curtis and Carola One of the creators of the Urban Kiz Movement in PAris, France.​

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